I seriously cannot stop watching this video.

By leather | June 1, 2014

Vic Mensa – Down on my Luck.

Produced by DisclosureVic Mensa what don’t you do?

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The enigma that is Spooky Black

By leather | May 31, 2014

Who is this du-rag and Fubu-donned 15 year old from St. Paul, Minnesota?

What is this video?

Is he a plant from the music industry as a case study?

When am I?

Why do the baselines make me want to hug myself, crip walk and body roll simultaneously?

Why can’t I stop listening?

So many questions, so few answers.

Listen for yourself.

Spooky Black – Black Silk (Full Album)

That black silk feels good doesn’t it?

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Dear Laura Mvula…

By leather | February 4, 2013

I love you and I fucks with you.


Watch the video below and you’ll fucks with her too…

I’ve been e-stalking her music, waiting for more morsels to drop. Not much yet, but there’s an African Soul revolution going on…

Its not being televised.

Go here for more Laura Mvula

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Lark Voorhies may be a crazy bird…

By leather | October 21, 2012

This is kind of painful to watch, yet kind of awesomely hilarious. Its not funny, but to watch her PootieTang her way through this interview makes my heart hurt and smile at the same time. I’m sure she’s trying to save face, but she pretty much just blew her cover if in fact she did have some kind of disorder. She doesn’t seem crazy here, as much as it seems that she has a speech impediment (or no sense of time…at least with regards to dramatic pauses)

Plus…What the hell does ‘attrasked’ mean? Lord help us!

Lisa from ‘Saved By the Bell’ — Bipolar Accusations Are LAUGHABLE
– Watch More
Celebrity Videos

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Album Review: Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

By leather | July 10, 2012


Like so many others last night, I didn’t hesitate to act when I read that Frank Ocean’s debut, Channel Orange, was made available a week early for download. One by one music enthusiasts poured out their praise and support, via social media, for this highly-anticipated release from Odd Future’s in-house crooner. I stayed up until 2AM listening to this album. Like a kid on a late night TV binge, I couldn’t sleep without consuming all of Channel Orange’s Intended for Mature Audiences Only programming. Let’s be frank, the album does not disappoint. From “Start” to “End,” this album delivers music that plucks at your heart strings, whether carnal or compassionate.

Frank Ocean paints a lyrical picture of a lavish lifestyle that he seems both intertwined and somehow indifferent to. It’s an intimate glance of the ups-and-downs of the fast life. When working in entertainment, you often find yourself teetering on the see-saw of what’s real and what fake. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride. Channel Orange takes you on that ride. The album boasts production credits from heavyweights such as Pharrell Williams, Shea Taylor, Om’Mas Keith, and Maylay. Almost immediately, tracks like “Thinking About You” entice you like a sweet, deep and rich cobbler with real vanilla ice cream. “Sierra Leone” is an electric nightmare you don’t want to wake up from. “White” featuring John Mayer is like lingerie: short and delicately sexy. The lazy latchkey opulence of “Super Rich Kids,” the rawness of “Crack Rock,” and the uncomplicated soul of “Pilot Jones” exhibit Ocean’s vocal and emotional valleys and peaks. The Andre 3000 collaboration “Pink Matter” is leagues above the rest. I find myself lost in its sexy syncopation and the Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu reference suggests something funny, sweet and somehow dangerous. The album’s happy high point, “Sweet Life” reminded me of doing 50 down Highland Blvd in Los Angeles or enjoying the city skyline from “The Dons” in Baldwin Hills.

Channel Orange sets a new standard for soul singers and hopefully represents resurgence in R&B music. It is infused with everything that has been right with the genre music from 1960 until the present. Ocean’s sexual orientation aside, it is evident that this album is his catharsis. Art made this way is usually the rawest and the most generous. Hats off to Frank Ocean for creating a soul album that openly seduces the spectrum of sexuality and, eventually, transcends it. Channel Orange is much more than Emo Soul. It is musically mischievous, poignant and perverse. To tune into Channel Orange, stream it now on FrankOcean.com or download from iTunes.

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Sometime I forget that I’m at least 2% Hoodrat..

By leather | July 2, 2012

Then songs like this come out to remind me that I’m just a smidge ratchet. The genius that is Cashin Out by Ca$h Out (the $ is for street cred) is not lost on me. I havent been able to stop listening plus I’ve screamed “Smoking on Kesha” way too many times in public places. Its fine…I’ve made peace with it…

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New Video: Mar Variation – Avril 14th with Szjerdene

By leather | December 12, 2011

I don’t know what moves me more, the visuals or the vocals… I’m going to look more into this Mar fella…Szjerdene is my new favorite already! He sounds like a keeper! <3

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Jonah Hill Baby-sits Joel Stein’s 2 Year Old

By leather | November 20, 2011

This clip of Jonah Hill babysitting Joel Stein’s 2 year-old is too funny and cute! I would let him watch my kid if I had one lol!

Read the accompanying story here.

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Tell em why you mad Lizzy!

By leather | November 16, 2011

Elisabeth Hasslemuch gets sonned on her own show. As if I needed another reason to love Bill Maher. “You sound like you’re hurt” :-/

 YOU MAD!! (c) Cam

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Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can’t you see?

By leather | November 11, 2011

Sometimes your words hypnotize the babies???

Never come between a baby and her Notorious BIG!

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